Did you know that SKYCOM Courier offers 3 different methods to order a courier? Find out if you’re using the method that works best for YOU. 

I’m a big fan of productivity hacks. I plan my week using efficiency tips and tricks to set me up for success (shout out to Before Breakfast Podcast). While I have agency of my own time management, I can’t control how well the rest of the world is getting along. That’s why it’s always a pleasantry when I accomplish an errand without any hang ups. So, what if I told you I have a tip to avoid hang ups? Because I’m always in the market for new productivity tips, I thought I’d share a hack for ordering couriers that won’t put a dent in your productivity. 

We, the SKYCOM Courier team, want things to be easy for you. We offer three methods of ordering to accommodate your needs whether you want to call, email or place your order online. One of them is bound to make your life a little easier.

Call in your order

Maybe it’s generational, but the phone call isn’t the first method I think to use when I need to talk to somebody. But really, the phone call is underrated. You can’t substitute working with a human. I don’t think I need to explain to you why robots and customer satisfaction don’t parallel one another (cut to me yelling speak to representative into my phone). If you prefer to hear a friendly voice and get that verbal order confirmation, call us! I can’t say enough about our customer service reps (we call them CSRs). They are dedicated to your satisfaction and look forward to your calls.

Doc, CSR, Boston office

Meet Doc, a CSR at the Boston office. Hi, Doc!

Send your order to us in an email

Anymore, the modern day workplace is really just our computer. Many of us have our emails open all day (don’t forget to take breaks from your screen! Maybe listen to that podcast I recommended). If this is the case, don’t interrupt your routine- just email us your order!

Send us this info:

  • Your account number and cost center
  • Your contact info
  • Pick up location and the specs of what we’re picking up 
    • box, envelope, refrigerated specimen? Size and weight? Let us know so we can show up with the right vehicle and supplies.
  • The date and the time frame you need this job done
  • Delivery location and any special instructions
  • Contact info for recipient

 Our dispatchers are around day and night to put in your order! You didn’t forget we’re 24/7, did you? You’ll receive a quick response from the team with the 6 digit confirmation. When a phone call isn’t efficient, customers usually prefer this method. 

Rapidship online client portal

Rapidship is going to be your one-stop-shop to place orders, track status, store info and use different user profiles. Let me break down for you why you need to give this thing a chance.

Placing orders is effortless because

  1. The required fields are right there. You don’t have to worry about leaving out pertinent info to an order (this can happen in email orders). 
  2. Rapidship can save information using an address book. If you’re sending specimen after specimen all day, everyday to one lab, what are you waiting for?

A six-digit confirmation code is going to be your receipt when you use any method to order a courier. Track that 6 digit confirmation number in Rapidship! Throw that baby into the tracker to see if you have time to stop for coffee before you need to sign for that delivery. And folks with routes – track the status of those too!

Many SKYCOM accounts have multiple callers using one customer ID and cost center. This can get messy. User profiles allow you to oversee and manage user activity. Authorize user clearances and access account information like past orders and reports. Online portals are increasingly popular and Rapidship is a really, really good example why.

If you’re wondering what method will work best for you, the good news is… they all will.

Choose a favorite method or use them all and keep us on our toes. Any way you choose to order a courier, the SKYCOM Courier team is on the other end to see your order to its last stop at the right time, in the right place and in the right conditions. Stay productive, my friends!

Give us a call! 617-782-1130

Email us your order! [email protected]

Check out Rapidship! Sign up for an account here.

Don’t have a SKYCOM Courier account? Sign up here!