About Mina Schaaf

Mina is the Marketing Director and Client Relations Liaison at RTD Logistics. As a recent transplant from Oregon, Mina considers herself as having a second full time job exploring New England. Email her your favorite hike and Taqueria. She likes that. mschaaf@skycomcourier.com

See For Yourself: What is Rapidship?

Alright. You've just signed up for an account at SKYCOM Courier. Welcome! We're so happy to have your business. OR - you've been using our couriers for a while and you just found out we have an online client portal. Either way, here is the low down. Let's get you started. Check out the video [...]

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What Is Logistics, Really?

Learn about the role logistics plays in your day-to-day life   Your dog probably hasn't wondered how his food supply is magically replenished every month (gotta love those subscriptions) but maybe you have. Understanding the role that the logistics industry plays in our lives can answer all those questions we don't think to ask but [...]

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