See For Yourself: What is Rapidship?

Alright. You've just signed up for an account at SKYCOM Courier. Welcome! We're so happy to have your business. OR - you've been using our couriers for a while and you just found out we have an online client portal. Either way, here is the low down. Let's get you started. Check out the video down below to see what it looks like to have a Rapidship account! Tell me more... Rapidship is a [...]

Booms, Banks and Bugs: 3 Current Events In Logistics You Should Know About

Logistics is behind many of the operations in our lives. Keep up to date on the industry you may not know you care about. Here's the short on 3 logistics happenings that you'll be glad you read. There's been a surge in job growth. The WSJ reported on the comeback in transportation payroll after a tough 1st fiscal quarter (link). There was an economic bust in the industry resulting in a payroll decline in the first fiscal [...]

3 Ways To Order a Courier That Will Improve Your Productivity

Did you know that SKYCOM Courier offers 3 different methods to order a courier? Find out if you're using the method that works best for YOU.  I’m a big fan of productivity hacks. I plan my week using efficiency tips and tricks to set me up for success (shout out to Before Breakfast Podcast). While I have agency of my own time management, I can’t control how well the rest of the world is [...]

What Is Logistics, Really?

Learn about the role logistics plays in your day-to-day life   Your dog probably hasn't wondered how his food supply is magically replenished every month (gotta love those subscriptions) but maybe you have. Understanding the role that the logistics industry plays in our lives can answer all those questions we don't think to ask but should! Put simply: the logistics industry is in the business of having the right product or service at the [...]

Let RTD Logistics Handle Your Rush Trucking Needs

Expecting a large order at a port, or need to get products into your distribution channel quickly? Managing the details of moving cargo from point A to point B can be a hassle – especially if it’s coming from overseas. Instead of worrying about every last shipment detail, let RTD Logistics handle the planning for you with our rush trucking services. RTD Logistics’ rush trucking is designed to provide our customers with expedited services [...]

Streamline Your Company’s Deposits with Lock Boxes

For businesses that receive a high volume of checks, or checks with high-dollar amounts, getting the funds deposited in a timely manner is critical but can also be time-consuming, particularly as you wait for payments to make their way through the U.S. postal service. Lock boxes allow busy business owners to save time by consolidating payments in multiple locations throughout the country. How Do Lock Boxes Work? Typically, either business owners or their bank [...]