Here’s Why You Keep Hearing About “Real-Time” Logistics

We hear it a lot- "real-time data", "real-time tracking", "real-time this" and "real-time that". As generic and buzz-wordy as it sounds, real-time supply chain management is anything but. Here's what 3PLs mean when they say their services are done in real-time. It's the new industry standard Supply chain management being done in "real-time" means there [...]

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Cross Docking: A Logistic Puzzle

Cross docking is an efficient shipping strategy for many companies. It's also one of the most interesting parts of the supply chain process to learn about. Here's why companies are opting to use cross docking services to achieve their shipping goals - What is cross docking? Cross docking is a direct-delivery strategy in the supply [...]

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5 Questions To Ask Your Prospective Logistics Provider About Their Commitment To Optimization

If you're reading this, you're probably looking for a second or third party logistics provider. Regardless of the 'PL', logistics companies are optimizing their operations to keep up with the industry's latest and greatest innovations. But you don't need to be an expert on technological innovations to find the right logistics provider for your business. [...]

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See For Yourself: What is Rapidship?

Alright. You've just signed up for an account at SKYCOM Courier. Welcome! We're so happy to have your business. OR - you've been using our couriers for a while and you just found out we have an online client portal. Either way, here is the low down. Let's get you started. Check out the video [...]

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What Is Logistics, Really?

Learn about the role logistics plays in your day-to-day life   Your dog probably hasn't wondered how his food supply is magically replenished every month (gotta love those subscriptions) but maybe you have. Understanding the role that the logistics industry plays in our lives can answer all those questions we don't think to ask but [...]

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Let RTD Logistics Handle Your Rush Trucking Needs

Expecting a large order at a port, or need to get products into your distribution channel quickly? Managing the details of moving cargo from point A to point B can be a hassle – especially if it’s coming from overseas. Instead of worrying about every last shipment detail, let RTD Logistics handle the planning for [...]

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Streamline Your Company’s Deposits with Lock Boxes

For businesses that receive a high volume of checks, or checks with high-dollar amounts, getting the funds deposited in a timely manner is critical but can also be time-consuming, particularly as you wait for payments to make their way through the U.S. postal service. Lock boxes allow busy business owners to save time by consolidating [...]

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What is Cross Docking?

You may have heard the term cross docking during your search for a courier service, but you might be wondering, what exactly is cross docking? Cross docking is a practice in logistics management that includes unloading incoming delivery vehicles and loading the materials directly into outbound delivery vehicles, omitting traditional warehouse logistical practices and saving [...]

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