5 Common Supply Chain Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Mistakes happen. But in the logistics industry mistakes are costly. Companies should be aware of common inefficiencies that occur in the supply chain so they can work with their provider to avoid them. Here are 5 common mistakes in the supply chain to avoid: 1) Weak risk management Supply chain risk management (SCRM). When a [...]

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3 Key Elements Of 3PLs (Third Party Logistics)

Outsourcing is all the rage these days- especially in the supply chain. When it comes to shipping, distribution, warehousing and fulfillment, businesses are contracting out to 3PLs for segments- or all -of their supply chain. A logistics provider's performance can have a strong influence on a company's overall performance. There are three essential elements of [...]

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What’s The Difference Between Courier Services And Standard Delivery?

They're speedy, secure and cost effective. So why are courier service providers so often overlooked? If you're looking to outsource your company's delivery operations and you aren't sure how courier services differ from standard parcel delivery, here's how: What's the difference between a courier service and standard delivery service? Standard delivery service Think USPS or [...]

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What’s The Difference Between A 3PL and a Freight Broker?

When shopping around for a logistics provider for your shipping needs, many folks come across two terms- "Third Party Logistics Provider" and "Freight Broker." While both can provide similar services, there are some key differences between the two. This is how third party logistics providers and freight brokers are different: What does a freight broker [...]

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3 Supply Chain Thought Leaders That Are Influencing The Industry

The on-going evolution of the supply chain in the logistics industry is prompting us to think about what its future looks like. More and more industry experts from all parts the supply chain are influencing this future. From the physical movement of goods to technology development, supply chain thought leaders are optimizing the old and [...]

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Non Asset Based Logistics: Less Is More

Third party logistics service providers generally fall into two categories: Non Asset Based and Asset Based. 3PLs in each category might offer you the same service, but whether or not they own their own assets can seriously impact your customer experience. Learn why asset ownership might be overrated: (RTD Logistics is a non asset based [...]

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“It’s Like A 400-Meter Relay”: An Inside Perspective On Courier Service

Customer service is often the deciding factor when selecting a courier service provider. But how can we know what really goes on behind the scenes? A SKYCOM Courier customer service representative tells us about courier service operations from their experience. Their perspective offers transparency into the step by step journey and portrays what people want [...]

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A Quick Review of Supply Chain Network Terminology

I hopped on the supply chain terminology train (feet dragging), and I'm glad I did.   The logistics industry has a language of its own. And if you’re doing any kind of research, you may find your Google search history flooded with supply chain acronyms and terminology. The presence of 3PLs has grown astronomically in the [...]

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Here’s Why You Keep Hearing About “Real-Time” Logistics

We hear it a lot- "real-time data", "real-time tracking", "real-time this" and "real-time that". As generic and buzz-wordy as it sounds, real-time supply chain management is anything but. Here's what 3PLs mean when they say their services are done in real-time. It's the new industry standard Supply chain management being done in "real-time" means there [...]

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