The peak season is here! And this year is a doozy. The folks working to deliver our holiday whatnots are challenged with this year’s condensed calendar, where we’ve had fewer days to shop between Black Friday and Christmas. So here’s how you can show appreciation to our hard-working parcel handlers.


Peak Season

Peak season, as it’s referred to by supply chain carriers like UPS or RTD Logistics, begins on Black Friday and runs through early January when there’s typically a wave of returns. In this time, maybe more than other times, consumer eCommerce habits have us increasingly more considerate of delivery driver woes. Parcel handlers work through, often dangerous, obstacles (like weather or territorial dogs) to keep the supply chain moving. So let’s show some thanks.

Leave some goodies out

Appreciate your courier - basket for courier

You can probably imagine a day in the life of a delivery driver – stop and go, stop and go, stop and go. There’s no doubt that our shipping heroes are working up an appetite. That’s why we’re seeing a lot of appreciative people leaving out snacks and drinks for delivery drivers.

Track your order

Just like the rest of us, delivery champions want to finish their routes and get home at a reasonable time. Package handlers really rely on our thoughtfulness to do this. If you are expecting a package that needs to be signed for, is over-sized or can’t be left outside, plan to be home to accept it. This helps to avoid situations where the driver has to attempt delivery again the following day or has to leave a package outside.

Use tracking numbers, plan for delivery windows and consider a driver’s circumstances like bad weather or busier days of the week. It’s mutually beneficial to think ahead here. Remember, you need to show ID to get your hands on that Winc wine club subscription.

Help them out

Delivery drivers spend a solid chunk of time preparing for their routes by organizing and consolidating orders to make deliveries more efficient. But you can help them to be even more efficient. If you had a field day on Cyber Monday and all of your 50 packages are arriving today, head out there and grab some of them so Driver Dan can get back to his route.

This goes for oversized shipments too. You can have pretty much anything delivered these days, like an entire living room. If you’re having furniture delivered to your door, get out there and grab an end.

Most package handlers are only required to be able to lift up to 75 lbs. Unless you ordered white glove delivery, offer your helping hand.

Be a buddy

If you didn’t drink the whole pot of coffee this morning, maybe offer your delivery driver a cup of joe. And if you’re in a hurry, even a quick exchange and smile go a long way. We’re never too busy to enjoy a little human connection.

A friend and package carrier told me, “I’m actually surprised at all of the holiday cards that people give me. I was gifted a scratch-off lottery ticket once. I didn’t come out ahead on that one but it makes a difference in my workday to be recognized.



Peak season is nothing without our delivery fleet. RTD Logistics appreciates the hardworking providers and carriers that make all of our holidays special. Thanks to you! And remember to thank a delivery driver.