For businesses that receive a high volume of checks, or checks with high-dollar amounts, getting the funds deposited in a timely manner is critical but can also be time-consuming, particularly as you wait for payments to make their way through the U.S. postal service. Lock boxes allow busy business owners to save time by consolidating payments in multiple locations throughout the country.

How Do Lock Boxes Work?

Typically, either business owners or their bank can set up a lock box. Ideally, lock box locations should be determined by proximity to customers in order to minimize the amount of time a payment spends in transit before the money is deposited in your company’s bank account. However, since you won’t necessarily have employees in the same cities as your lock boxes, how does the money get from the lock box to your bank? That’s where RTD Logistics can help.

Our drivers and couriers can pick up checks from your lock box, transporting them safely and securely to your bank for deposit. In cases where mail is delivered multiple times a day, we can schedule pickups throughout the day to ensure you are getting your money deposited as quickly as possible. In addition, our bonded and insured drivers can pick up deposits from your office and deliver them to your post office lockbox for retrieval by your company’s bank representatives.

RTD Logistics screens all of our couriers and drivers, which means you can rest assured that your deposits will arrive safely at your secure lock box. To learn more about our lock box delivery services or schedule your next bank deposit, call us today at 617.782.1130.