Learn about the role logistics plays in your day-to-day life


Your dog probably hasn’t wondered how his food supply is magically replenished every month (gotta love those subscriptions) but maybe you have. Understanding the role that the logistics industry plays in our lives can answer all those questions we don’t think to ask but should!

Put simply: the logistics industry is in the business of having the right product at the right place, at the right time and in the right condition.

When I’m trying to conceptualize this, I like to think about that tracking code that I check twice a day for 3-5 business days. Imagine friendly logisticians securing the goods for transportation using their storage and inventory strategies to land that last stop delivery, our front door! This is a good example of a field in the industry called distribution logistics. Mind you, operations in this industry reach far beyond that field.

The world needs more than that Healthy Weight Chicken Grain-Free Dog Food. Humanitarian Logistics exists for natural disasters. Civilization literally functions and lives on Digital Logistics and Construction Logistics. These logistic fields and so many more operate within six action-packed sectors: road transport, rail, aviation, maritime, warehousing and storage.

In every sector there is supply chain management that operates the flow of goods and services between the origin and the consumer.

In other industries, businesses (everything from hospitals to banks to NBA teams) have departments that manage their logistics or supply chain needs (think medical specimens, bank deposits and basketball shoes). The folks who manage these supply chains, I assume, don’t wear capes but they are heroes.

Logistics companies, such as RTD Logistics, are responsible for the quality assurance of the supply chain. Consider the times your consumer experience has been crushed because something didn’t arrive on time or was damaged. A logistics company could become the face of either disappointment or loyalty depending on the quality of work we, as consumers, demand. No pressure, y’all!

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RTD dispatchers, Sean and Wendall

Our dispatchers/cape-less heroes manage your order based on routes and timeliness. At the Boston office, you can count on Sean (left) and Wendall (right) for quality service!