What is Cross Docking?

You may have heard the term cross docking during your search for a courier service, but you might be wondering, what exactly is cross docking? Cross docking is a practice in logistics management that includes unloading incoming delivery vehicles and loading the materials directly into outbound delivery vehicles, omitting traditional warehouse logistical practices and saving time and money. This streamlined courier practice can be useful in many situations where there may be shortages in [...]

What is a Medical Courier?

A medical courier is a delivery service that specializes in the transport and supply of urgent medical and healthcare equipment, samples or specimens. This can include urine, blood, organ and tissue transplant, and more. It’s no surprise that these items require special care and timeliness in their transport. Our medical couriers are experienced and tested regularly on the specific protocols for safe handling and transporting medical specimens. This includes knowledge of various CAP and [...]

8 Interesting Facts About The History of Couriers

From delivering messages on foot in ancient Greece to the growth of billion-dollar, multinational courier companies like FedEx and UPS, the courier industry has long been an important part of functional society. Here are eight interesting facts about the roots of the courier industry. A marathon is 26 miles long because of a courier in ancient Greece. Pheidippides, a courier, ran this distance from Marathon, Greece to Athens to spread the news that the [...]